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Window Cleaning

Making sure that your home is clean is essential. Most people find it hard to do the cleaning by themselves. If you feel that you cannot afford the time to do the cleaning, you can find professional cleaners.

We have highly trained professionals, who handle a wide range of activities from window cleaning to other services. We ensure that our professionals provide you with the service expected throughout the entire process, as customer satisfaction is most important to us.



If you neglect your house rain gutters for long stretches of time, they're bound to accumulate heavy debris which, when mixed with standing water, can cause serious damage to the structure of your home, including weakening your home foundation.

At Direct Cleaning Services we provide a helpful, professional and easy service to clean out your gutters. We can schedule in for us to come on a regular basis so that you don’t have to worry about regularly sorting out your gutter cleaning.

Conservatory & Roof

If yes, then you should consider hiring a conservatory roof cleaner like us at Direct Cleaning Services. We are professional and can offer a new and fresh look to your roof.

Conservative roofs are made of the glass and white PVC. Without proper maintenance, these materials can get dirty. That will affect the look of your home. In that condition, you can take the help of the professional for the regular cleaning. 


Fasica & Soffit

A great number of people do not find it necessary to clean their gutters, fascia or soffits because it usually takes time before the dirt accumulates enough to give the whole property a worn and tired appearance. However, the most apparent reason is that of the safety and risks it involves attempting the cleaning process.

This is why it is necessary to find an expert who can professionally do the job, which is why you should get into contact with us, Direct Cleaning Services can provide you with a professional service to clean out your fascia’s and soffits.


Clean driveways can spruce the appearance of your residence. However, some people take a dim view of driveway cleaning since it is a challenging task and calls for loads of efforts. This is because dust, grime, and grease cast over them as the time passes. These driveways can be effectively dealt with by using the high-pressure cleaning.

Regardless of the fact that you may make it your business to administer cleaning on a driveway, contracting it out to a professional cleaning company offers a wide array of benefits.


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