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Office Cleaning

The cleanliness of your office, shop, insinuation or any building for that matter is important, it creates the first impression, so you want to ensure your building is clean and tidy for both your employees and people visiting the building. Which is where Direct Cleaning can help you, we provide commercial cleaning services that are professional and done to a high standard.

We are easily accessible you are also free to call. You will get the response in the minimum possible time.


New Build

Both pre and post construction cleaning are recommended due to many reasons. Before you start construction or renovation work, pre-cleaning your building is ideal to guarantee a good work flow when the actual construction commences.

Even when the construction is in progress, regular cleaning work should be carried out, so that unnecessary rubble and debris is removed out of the way of the work in progress. This way, work continuity speeds up, and creates a nice picture if and any inspection is due.


When you live together and use communal services, there is a need for proper communal cleaning. This is to avoid getting communicable diseases through the social amenities. People who need such services include those who live in residential homes with shared facilities.

Kitchens and washrooms that are used by many people tend to be dirtier than those used individually. Direct Cleaning Services provide professional communal cleaning services to your residence to ensure they are clean and tidy for everyone.


End of tenancy

In most cases, house cleaning that deals with tenants who have moved out is a lot more involved and detailed than regular house cleaning. 

End of tenancy cleaning is used after a tenant has moved out of a rented property, and it is important that its done as you want the building to be spotless after the previous tenant has left ready for the new ones.

Window Cleaning

Making sure that your home or office is clean is essential. Most people find it hard to do the cleaning by themselves. If you feel that you cannot afford the time to do the cleaning, you can find professional cleaners.

We have highly trained professionals, who handle a wide range of activities from window cleaning to other services. We ensure that our professionals provide you with the service expected throughout the entire process, as customer satisfaction is most important to us.


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